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Eitan Jumping

The Basics

What is Morf?

Personal training founded on the belief and mounting evidence that play is an essential part of life – and that people benefit most from exercise they actually enjoy.

It’s a customized program based on your interests, your goals, your lifestyle. Even your weird sense of humor. What does that mean? Anything: TRX suspension systems and kettle bells, tree-climbing, relay races, obstacle courses, pogo sticks, skateboards, or a workout that fully integrates your Labradoodle. Morf engages your mind and body instead of relying on mindless routine, so you get strong, lean and agile – and you have fun doing it.

Who are we looking for?

Morf was designed with a special client in mind: an early adopter who seeks out innovation, embraces new experience, and is always first to try something different.

Morf wants not-too-rugged individualists, thoughtful rule-breakers, exuberant intellectuals, mad geniuses, hilarious nerds, and anyone who might be described as “the thinking-man’s _______.” We’re not in the market for jerks, naysayers, bullies, blowhards, ignoramuses, or posers. (Sorry, Mel Gibson.)

Why should I Morf?

Because you’re all or any of the above.

Because you’re all or any of the above. Because you know there’s more to fitness than rote reps and running in place. Because you love exercise – or because you want to. Because it’s been way too long since your last game of freeze tag. Because play is life’s most vital luxury, and you need more of it. Like, now. 

About Morf

What can I expect?

Your Morf workout will keep you moving, keep you laughing, keep you engaged.

Your MORF workout will keep you moving, keep you laughing, keep you engaged. Because your program is built to your specific needs and goals, it will be the most fun workout  you've ever had. And the one that gives you the best results.

MORF's emphasis on plyometrics and circuit training keeps you moving, keeps your heart rate up and gives you a metabolic fury that will allow you to burn fat during rest. It also allows you to move through a wide range of exercises in a one-hour session. That means an efficient, full-body workout.

MORF offers training in your home, in a private fitness studio or  outside. You'll use kettle bells, exercise bands, free weights, medicine balls, TRX (don't worry - it's fun) and even the occasional skateboard or pogo stick.

You can choose private, one-on-one sessions or semi-private sessions with up to two of your friends.


Eitan Kramer

He’s fun to workout with.

Record-holding athlete. Forward-thinking entrepreneur. Phi Beta Kappa member. Above-average driver.

Just a few of the words that describe personal trainer and MORF founder Eitan Kramer. 

At 15, Eitan became the youngest professional in-line skater in history. He holds numerous titles from the Aggressive Skaters Association’s professional world tour (the Passive Skaters Association could not be reached for comment), and competed in the first six ESPN X-Games and ABC’s Gravity Games. He appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports and MTV as a host and commentator, and was solicited for endorsements from Rollerblade, Senate Wheels and the Gap. He holds the Guinness World Record for the highest air on a half-pipe and can bend spoons using only his mind. (Okay, not that last thing.)

After retiring from professional competition, Eitan sought to share his love of sports, knowledge, and flagrant disregard for convention with others. He attended the Equinox Fitness Training Institute and joined Equinox Fitness Clubs as a personal trainer from 2005 to 2007. 

Determined to translate the spontaneity and iconoclasm of extreme sports into the layperson’s fitness experience, Eitan developed an irreverent, play-based philosophy and approach to training. Incorporating high-intensity, high-energy circuit training, plyometrics, and overall strength, Eitan custom-designs each workout for the client’s specific needs and interests, building in innovative, playful elements to ensure that sessions are both physically and mentally engaging. 

Clients improve their coordination and balance; they get toned and lean. But along the way they may play Capture the Flag, climb a tree, or beat Eitan at a rousing game of beach paddleball. (It’s been known to happen.) Eitan works with clients in their homes, at private training gyms, on hiking trails, and at parks, providing all necessary equipment (which may include TRX suspension trainers, kettlebells, pogo sticks, and/or a skateboard). Eitan is an honors graduate of UCLA, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Golden Key Honor Society. He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Eitan Kramer